Raptors draft Quincy Acy, Tomislav Zubcic in the 2nd Round

29 Jun

The more subtle part of the evening – the 2nd round.

The Toronto Raptors drafted Quincy Acy with the 37th pick and Tomislav Zubcic using the 56th pick.

Surprisingly, Toronto did not make deal any of these draft picks tonight, and for good reason. Quincy Acy is a very versatile big man, kind of like Reggie Evans. Personally, he looks like a player like Reggie, person like James Harden and personality of Jerome Williams aka the Junk Yard Dog. He’s pretty athletic too, and has a great high motor. Toronto fans absolutely love hustle players, and Quincy will definitely not disappoint.

Take a look at Quincy’s (probably the) biggest highlight during his time in college:

Tomislav Zubcic on the other hand reminds me of a very familiar player, Andrea Bargnani. According to NBA.com and other sources, Tomislav is a great shooter, athletic, and quite quick for his size. Obviously, like Bargnani, with big men he is definitely not as strong, not that great of a rebounder, defensively minded player, but he is young and with the right patience he will be able to grow and develop into potentially a great player in the league. He might not come out straight from Europe, but if he does, we’ll have another big who can stretch the floor.


NBA Draft 2012: Evaluating The Toronto Raptors’ Draft Pick

28 Jun

When David Stern called out Terrence Ross, my first reaction was jaw dropping – not cause I was ecstatic. It was full of bitterness and frustration with the choice of Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors organization.

Terrence Ross – Welcome to Toronto

As I was evaluating this choice, I feel Bryan made what was more a best fit rather than a best available pick. For obvious reasons, players like Andre Drummond, Austin Rivers, and Jeremy Lamb were all great pieces that could’ve been chosen at 8.

Some Terrence Ross highlights:

Seeing Terrence Ross’ highlights at University of Washington is quite impressive, and seems fair to say that he fits in with the Raptors core foundation. With the likes of Jonas coming in, along with the steady progression of Demar, Ed Davis, Amir Johnson, Jerryd Bayless and Andrea Bargnani, we could see our team rise.

We could see Terrence Ross make a lot of “highlights“, as was mentioned during his post-draft interview, as he is a good athlete, pretty good defender and definitely a shooter as well. See him starting off as a role player, and if done properly could be a 6th man or even a starter for the Raps.

See the post-draft interview with Terrence Ross:

DraftExpress.com compared to him as a Jason Richardson. Names like Trevor Ariza, Matt Barnes, or even Luol Deng can come into the mix. He is definitely not a Scottie Pippen type of player, or will be a leader for any team in the league, but look for him to produce well with his minutes.

All in all, the night is still young, as of now there are still two second round draft picks the Raps still have to make, but for now, let’s be content with Terrence Ross, as he could be a new, and possibly an important addition to the team’s future.


2012 NBA Draft: Who Should the Raptors Draft?

25 Jun

As the 2011-2012 NBA season concluded following the 4-1 Miami Heat victory, eventually leading to their championship, it is now time to move on to the fresh off-season.

Yes, this is where all the bad teams get their lime light with the NBA draft, and once again, the Toronto Raptors are in this position once again after having a somewhat disappointing previous season.

This year, will be extremely intriguing, for many different reasons.

First of all, the draft. We all know that crazier things have happened this season. For certain, we are not getting an Anthony Davis, but a good player that can add to the youth and depth of this team. Many names have popped from Austin Rivers, Jeremy Lamb, Harrison Barnes, just to name a few. These players are all lottery potential players, and can make an impact on any team they go to.

Austin Rivers is not listed as a high lottery pick.. but Toronto might make a case for it.

The one player that I think the Raptors need most is… Austin Rivers.

Obviously, this guy has already made a name for himself in college, having that dramatic game winner over North Carolina as a freshman. Now, he enters into the draft knowing he’ll make it to the NBA, but not knowing where he’ll land.

Enter the Raptors.

Toronto have not had a scoring machine in their time excluding Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady and Chris Bosh, who can create their own shot and is not afraid to take the final shot of the game. Austin Rivers has proven that he is a great one on one player, something that the Raptors offense has lacked when a play is broken.

Rivers has been thought of cocky, and more of a shooting guard. However, as he’s stated himself, it is a healthy type of alter ego that every great player has. From Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, to today’s Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Russell Westbrook’s, Kevin Durant’s, they all have a different character in their game on the court. Austin Rivers is no different, and this type of character is somewhat lacking in Toronto. Of course, players lose temper when things don’t go their way, but having that extra swagger is important for success in this league.

Think of this. If Michael didn’t think he could score on every player in the league in his time, he wouldn’t have been the best player in the world. Even Kobe can attest to this. If he never believed in himself, and hyping himself up to being the best scorer and closer in this era, Kobe would not be the same Kobe we know now.

Enough of that talk, let’s move on his point guard qualities. Of course, Austin Rivers is a scorer first, pass second player, which is the new type of guard in the league anyways. The Derrick Rose’s, Russell Westbrook’s, Tony Parker’s, their mentality is to score first. This is really lacking of Toronto, as they do not have that player who can score at will and not be stopped cold after a miss.

All in all, I believe the 8th pick should be stuck to the Raptors, and we should use that for Austin Rivers.

Now there are other choices, such as package the deal and an expiring contract (Jose Calderon) for a younger point guard like Kyle Lowry, or a forward like Rudy Gay, Andre Igoudala, Luol Deng and get them, but I feel the free agency market is great already, and the pick should be stuck to let our team grow together.

Whatever happens, it will be a very interesting night for sure, and it’s something I would not miss.

DeMar DeRozan Has A New Hairstyle!

20 Jun

Ahhhh, hairstyles. Some stay classy and simple, and others go above and beyond the norm. For instance, Joakim Noah got something going on up there with the hair. The guy pulled off some wacky pulled up hair on Draft Night, and now he going with the ponytail. What about Ben Wallace back in the day? Ben had some crazy hairstyles, with the Afro, then cornrows and I even think he had a fresh buzz cut one time.

Regardless, we all know our main dude, DeMar, got a thing of his own when it comes to swag. Nothing fancy about his hair.. until now.



This photo has been edited.


Y’all think he’s gonna keep this hairstyle? Or he gonna keep something old up before the season or what? Leave a comment!

Andrea Bargnani Has A Small Opportunity Left With The Raptors

19 Jun

Andrea Bargnani was a clean, young man when he was drafted to the Raptors. Now, as a struggling leader, lacking D and rebounding, he has a really slim opportunity left with the Raps

I could almost recall watching the 2006 NBA Draft. “With the first pick, of the 2006 NBA Draft.. the Toronto Raptors select Andrea Bargnani from (something Italy I think).” High hopes and dreams were among Raptors fans at the time, bringing in a fresh new talent that looked worthy of superstardom. His skinny, shaved face seemed like a project that could either turn into a bust or something really special.

At first, he was playing small time, rookie minutes. His jump shot was clearly his biggest asset, but clearly he was in need of some big development. Andrea was also a #2 or #3 option for the Raptors at the time, with Mr. Chris Bosh and T.J Ford/Jose Calderon running the team, as well as other players like Jamario Moon, Anthony Parker and Jorge Garbajosa playing good basketball. He seemed to be strong in times like this, because he wasn’t 100% heavily relied upon.

Those good times and runs were over, however, and Bargnani faced a punch to the face with reality. He was all alone, with a bunch of high potential basketball players who haven’t proven themselves in the NBA yet.. well, with a friend by the name of Jose Calderon I guess. He was the man now, the man to face double teams, to be there in crucial situations, to lead a team to victory, to show an example, and more. However, he didn’t want all this pressure, and thus he began to create excuses at the beginning of the season stating he had to improve his game this year, and there are many people that could step up as well.

Well, Andrea’s time has come to the point where his chance to be the man in Toronto, has gotten very, VERY slim. The Raptors are moving towards becoming a young, successful team. New additions of possibly an outstanding coach, new moves regarding players is going to be really well done I believe (I’m confident enough to say this, because B.C is a great G.M, and I believe this year he’s got what it takes. Right pieces, right mindset means a positive environment for success). Andrea probably about one or two years left to prove to the Raptors that he can handle moments being the man. Unless the Raptors pull off a trade that enables him to become more of a #2 guy, by all means he should be kept. Andrea right now is clearly capable of becoming a great player, assuming he focuses with aspects such as defense, rebounding, leadership, etc.

All he can do now is prove that to us. 

The Toronto Raptors Are FINALLY Moving In The Right Direction

18 Jun

The Toronto Raptors have gone through so many development trials - such as losing and being inexperienced. Will they come back this year ready, and more improved?


It’s that time again. The time where NBA fans get to see their hometown or favorite team get a new draft pick and potentially, a different basketball team.

For the Raptors, things have gone.. hmm let’s say “alright“. Draft selections of Ed Davis, DeMar DeRozan, as well as the additions of Jerryd Bayless, Amir Johnson, and James Johnson have given the team new hope. Other players on the team like Sonny Weems, Andrea Bargnani, Jose Calderon and others (Julian Wright, Alabi) have been mediocre in terms of their expected potential. Bargnani isn’t the player he lived up to (so far), Sonny Weems is a great offensive talent, but on defense he lacks certain qualities, Jose is a good veteran, but a mediocre defender, etc.

As for the staff of the Raptors, as you all may have already known, Jay Triano has been relieved and has taken his talents upstairs helping out B.C.  So far, I like the approach Toronto has made, dealing with only defensive minded and talented coaches. Dwyane (or Dwane, I’m not sure) Casey is a GREAT coach to pick up on, as he was on the championship team this year! Lawrence Frank has great experience as well (remember that playoff run we had against his former team, New Jersey?) and he has experience especially with Boston and New Jersey! This coaching move will be great, regardless of the choice!

Overall, the Raptors have gone through so many developmental, young flaws, as a young team should be enduring. A year has gone by, a year of pain, frustrations, development, improvement, and so much more. 

All we can do now is sit and wait for June 23rd, 2011, and it’s go time.

Raptors Get James Johnson From Bulls For Miami’s 2011 1st Round Pick

22 Feb

James Johnson has been traded to the Toronto Raptors from the Chicago Bulls for Miami's 1st Round 2011 Draft Pick! Welcome to Toronto, James!

Yes, ESPN and the NBA have officially announced that the Toronto Raptors have traded their 1st Round 2011 Pick from Miami (via Chris Bosh trade) to the Chicago Bulls for F James Johnson.

James Johnson was played for the Bulls for almost a season now, averaging around 4 points and 2 rebounds per game. In his last eight games, he’s been sent down to the NBA D-League where he’s been averaging 19.3 points and 8.9 rebounds per game! This guy can definitely play.

I can see this as a positive move from Bryan. He has gotten a very versatile, strong and still raw and young forward who is capable of becoming one of the NBA’s good players in the league. Bryan is thinking young and tough nowadays, and he hasn’t disappointed us.

Look to see J.J play for the Raptors soon — ironically the Bulls face the Raptors tomorrow.

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